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Njorkama, John, Im Only Dancing

The Abstractly Hastening Architecture

Communication despite obstacles

In order to communicate with my grandmother after the stroke you had to make a real effort. She made an effort too. Sometimes she would get so frustrated when she couldn't get her point across that she would hit the table with her little fist. I always understood what she was trying to say. I figured it out from her lips, and from what we were talking about. She would also write in a notebook, but her handwriting wasn't very legible, and I for one, struggled with old peoples's handwriting. Then we would laugh at it all. We were silly ...

Glossy purchase

Sunday passes and there's nothing special about it. Uno is doing what he usually does on Sundays, except that this morning he watched a TV program. He then sits in his armchair for a moment and thinks about the people in Miami. Monday elapses and Uno seems t be his usual self and at work nobody seems to notice that perhaps he is a little different. At least he can feel it himself. He does his job, just like he always does, but he goes home just after five o'clock. On the way home, he stops at the library, but ...